About Bambullant Towing.

[x_text class=”center-text “]We are a highly prompt Vehicle Towing business that
transports vehicles of all types with knowledge,experience and a high level of professionalism.
We value our customers vehicles just as much as our customers do !
With our highly skilled crew, we can guarantee a stress free delivery for both parties.
At affordable prices Bambullant Towing has all bases covered.


Our Services Include:
New Vehicle Transport
Auction Transport
Breakdown Assistance Transport
Track Days Transport
Motorbike Transport
Mechanic / Tuning Transport
Furniture / Equipment Transport
Plus More !

Partners with over 25 Car Service Centers across Brisbane.

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Where we started


Car Towing has been a passion for us at Bambullant Towing for Years.
Our service was Established early January of 2015 and have worked endlessly to progress, build & acquire a highly efficient towing business that understands the values of our much supporting customers. Car Towing for us isn’t just a job, it’s an endless progression of moving forward to provide a Safe, Hassle-Free experience for our customers & communities we service.


Our Passion


Dealing with your Vehicle, Boat, Machinery or Equipment, we treat it as if we were towing our own. We take an extremely high level of Care with every item that loads on our trucks and provide a Guaranteed Hassle-free experience from the moment you book to the moment you receive your desired item. Our equipment we use at Bambullant Towing is top of the range, brought by proven equipment specialists and regularly maintained.


Connect with you

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With new technology brings new Towing methods & processes. At Bambullant Towing we love YOUR feedback and work hard to ensure we provide an up to date, easy & affordable way in all aspects of our service. With our very quick quoting response rate we can assist you with sending a truck out as soon as possible & allocate a specific location of pick up / drop off to make sure our customers are served within there time of desire whether it be ASAP or booked for a couple of weeks in advanced.




One of our core values at Bambullant Towing is to treat each other like family. When we recruit we look for people who value meaningful relationships. Our company is all about creating better connections within the towing, mechanical, safety and transport industry & community. The work environment here is very collegial. People have a great loyalty to each other within the employee’s & customers.


About Our Towing Process

Direct Assistance

  • 1.

    Email/Message/Call our contact number located under the “Contact Us” menu and inquire about the services you require.

  • 2.

    Proceed to request a quote followed by response within Minutes.

  • 3.

    Our team will request the relevant “Pick Up” & “Drop Off” locations from the customer in order to complete the booking.

  • 4.

    Finally, Our team will respond to collect selected Vehicle Ect. & carry out the transport to desired drop off location.